What Is Peru Known For

When the words “ancient Peru” are mentioned, images of Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines come to mind. But Peru is built upon millennia of cultures and thei Etymology. The name of the country may be derived from Birú, the name of a local ruler who lived near the Bay of San Miguel, Panama, in the early 16th century. When his possessions were visited by Spanish explorers in 1522, they were the southernmost part of the New World yet known to Europeans. Peru is a multilingual nation. Its official language is Spanish.In the zones in which they are predominant, Quechua, Aymara and other aboriginal languages also have co-official status according to Article 48 of the Constitution of Peru. Chachapoyas Tours and Northern Circuit of Peru . Kuelap, The Machu Picchu of Northern Peru. This fortress is the largest stone structure of South America. More information about Peru is available on the Peru Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.. U.S.-PERU RELATIONS As a plane soars over the high desert of southern Peru, the dull pale sameness of the rocks and sand organize and change form. Distinct white lines gradually evolve from tan and rust-red. .

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Experts have discovered the gruesome remains of 140 children and 200 young llamas at Huanchaquito- Las Llamas on the northern coast of Peru in what could be the largest child sacrifice ever. Spiritual tour to Peru for adventure, pilgrimage, and spiritual awakening. Archaeologists in Peru have uncovered what could be the site of the largest known instance of child sacrifice in the Americas, and perhaps even the world. The remains of more than 140 children and 200 young llamas were found under residential compounds outside the city of Trujillo, in Peru’s Spread out on the mountains above the bustling colonial village of Pisac are several impressive Inca ruins known as Inca Pisac. The ruins include a military citadel, religious temples, and individual dwellings, and overlooks the Sacred Valley. .

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