Painted Drop Ceiling

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The basement in our new house has 2 ft x 4 ft drop ceiling tiles. I would love to paint them, but there is no clear information about the how-tos. Suspended ceilings are an effective way to hide unsightly pipes and wiring in a ceiling. Suspended ceiling panels are like any other type of ceiling material – they need periodic cleaning. I think I am the least glamorous blogger. Other folks are doing major renovations with fabulous, luxury finishes like marble and hardwood, and I’m over here painting my janky drop ceiling. Drop Ceiling Tiles tend to yellow with time & look dinghy from age/ water stains. Painting your ceiling is a low cost investment that immediately brightens your showroom. In order to paint suspended ceiling tiles, you need a paint roller with an extension rod. They will allow you to reach the tiles without interrupting your work to move a ladder. This method is an easy way to complete your suspended ceiling tile painting job. Purchase paint for ceiling tiles and a People regularly enquire about painting ceiling tiles or how to paint ceiling tiles. It has always been the case that suspended ceiling tiles could not be painted because water based paint would be absorbed by the ceiling tiles and cause warping. .

2 Paint Suspended Ceilings; 3 Paint Acoustical Tile; 4 Improve a Suspended Ceiling; Carroll, Lee. “How to Paint a T-Bar Ceiling Grid” accessed July 25, Painted Ugly drop ceiling with Hammered Silver Paint. Must remove tiles and Paint in well ventilated area Suspended ceilings are a common fixture in homes and offices. These ceilings are installed easily and are durable, sometimes so durable that decorating trends change and leave older ceilings behind. Our decorative ceilings can create a unique focal point and complement your Exterior Paint & Stain. Save BIG on Drop Ceiling Tiles and Accessories at Menards .