Today’s post is one I’ve been dreaming about doing for months now and it’s all about how to paint a brick fireplace. Yep, you read that right. After talking about it for over a year now, it finally happened. Follow this easy DIY paint tutorial to transform an outdated brick masonry fireplace into one that will warm hands and hearts year-round. This post contains affiliate links for Brick Anew fireplace paint. When we moved into our old, 1973 house, it didn’t cross my mind that I would one day have to DO something about the ugly brick fireplace that spanned the entire wall. The ultimate step-by-step tutorial for how to whitewash brick and transform a dated fireplace with an easy, free makeover. Includes before and after photos! I have a red brick facing on my kitchen backsplash and above the cabinets. I was going to paint these bricks as they do not look good with my new granite countertop. paint brick fireplace white paint over brick fireplace brick fireplace paint ideas painting brick fireplaces before and after .

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How to Paint a Brick House. Bricks are notorious for being difficult to paint because they are porous and absorb paint. However, taking time to prepare the brick exterior of your home can simplify the painting process. There are a host of reasons that homeowners choose to paint brick: • If a brick fireplace is out of sync with the decor of a room, it’s less expensive to paint it than it is to replace the brick with another material. • A coat of light-color paint can alleviate the feeling of heaviness that a A dirty and tired orange brick fireplace gets a brightened up, weathered lime washed brick makeover, plus a full tutorial to do it yourself. Helping you find the best deck paint to color wood and surrounding design area. Free deck software tools and professional installation tips. .

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