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Q: How often should I water my orchid? A: Many people make the mistake of assuming that since orchids are native to tropical rainforests, they must be watered several times a week. Orchids make the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you love. FREE FedEx 2-day priority on all plant orders. Shipping nationwide. AboutOrchids.com provides a guide for basic orchid care with information about watering, light, humidity, fertilizing, temperature, air flow, identifying your orchid, treating pests and diseases, and repotting your orchid. All orchids are perennial herbs that lack any permanent woody structure. They can grow according to two patterns: Monopodial: The stem grows from a single bud, leaves are added from the apex each year and the stem grows longer accordingly. Thanks for stopping by. This year Phoenix Orchids continues to offer only Phalaenopsis and Doritaenopsis stem propagations. We have continued to expand the selection of red, purple and yellow novelties. The other group of solitary grow ing terrestrial orchids produce s a separate leaf stem and a separate flower stem. Each of these stems sprouts from a distinct bud on the rhizome. .

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Cultivation of orchids started in earnest in the 19th century. At that time orchids were brought to Europe by companies or individuals who financed collecting expeditions. The nursery will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 10-3. Other hours will be available by appointment. Best way to make an appointment is by email to jerrymeola@gmail.com Orchids make a welcoming and graceful addition to your home. To buy a potted orchid plant or a gorgeous orchid arrangement browse ORCHIDS.COM today. Aloha Hawaiian Flowers: Fresh Hawaiian Leis, Tropical Flower Bouquets, Orchids, Tropical Foliage & Hawaiian Wedding Flowers .

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