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Since 1997 Exotic Orchids of Maui has been producing some of the finest orchid hybrids available in today’s hobbyist market. Our laboratory here in Hawaii is always filled with new and different orchid hybrids as well as species. We ship anywhere in the USA. Fragrant Orchids of Maui in Haiku, Hawaii offers beautiful, fragrant orchids that are easy to grow. Certified Big Island orchid nursery. Shop online our huge array of orchid genus and varieties. We ship orchids worldwide from Hawaii. Wholesale and retail. Our orchid plants make great indoor plants and house plants. Orchids are a perfect pick-me-up gift, corporate gift and thank-you gift. Come and see our selection of orchids from Hawaii’s Florist!! Kawamoto Orchid Nursery is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are a commercial orchid nursery that is certified to ship anywhere in the U.S. You can purchase Cattleya, Laelia, Brassavola, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Grammatophyllum, Vanda, Miltonia, miltonopsis, Brassia, Bulbophyllum, cycnodes, encyclia, tillandsia, and many Different .

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Wholesale Orchids We supply spike initiated to mature bud certified orchid plants to other orchid farms, wholesalers, garden centers, retail florists and orchid societies. Tropical Hawaiian flowers and leis from Hawaii’s florist! Send Hawaiian flowers online. Wedding flowers, Hawaiian flowers, Hawaii wedding leis, exotic plants and seeds, and gourmet gift baskets. Suppliers of tropical flowers, quality orchids, anthuriums, oncidium, dendrobium and other exotic Hawaiian flowers. Orchids are the ‘ultimate houseplant’ because they grow in the same conditions as your other houseplants, but their flowers last so much longer. .

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