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Orchid Meanings. Due to their namesake, orchids are associated with fertility, virility, and cantikuality. These associations, coupled with their exotic appearance, have given them a long history of being associated with love, fertility and elegance throughout various cultures and time periods. Orchid Flower Color Meanings. While all orchids symbolize love and beauty, the color of the orchid can change the intended meaning of the flower. Blue – Orchids come in every color but true blue, but there are blue tinted orchids. These orchids represent rarity Red – Red orchids symbolize passion and desire, but can also symbolize strength and courage. There’s more to the orchid than meets the eye. With a delicate, sculptural beauty and historical rarity, these exotic blooms carry an unrivaled symbol of… With a delicate, sculptural beauty and historical rarity, these exotic blooms carry an unrivaled symbol of… Orchids are beautiful and delicate. They seem almost to be the anti flower with their geometric shapes the antithesis of the soft, rounded curves of more common flowers. It is this very unusual quality that makes them so exotic and desirable. Orchids have had a long history and have different meanings. Colors of orchids range all over the spectrum. Your symbolic flower meanings with the orchid will shift according to color. White is symbolic of purity, clarity, healing. Pinks are also symbolic of healing, but also of tenderness, connection, friendship and love. Orchid is the most highly coveted of ornamental plants. The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid symbolizes love, luxury, beauty and strength. .

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An orchid, dangling close beside his head, opened slowly, unfolding its delicate petals to the warmth and light of the sun which but recently had penetrated to its shady retreat. Definition of orchid for Students : a plant with usually showy flowers with three petals of which the middle petal is enlarged and differs from the others in shape and color Learn More about orchid Orchids make magical arrangements and bouquets. While as a species of flower orchids hold a meaning of their own, each colour variation carries a slightly different meaning with it, making them ideal gifts and a beautiful surprise for your loved ones. Some orchids have single flowers, but most have a racemose inflorescence, sometimes with a large number of flowers. The flowering stem can be basal, that is, produced from the base of the tuber, like in Cymbidium, apical, meaning it grows from the apex of the main stem, like in Cattleya, or axillary, from the leaf axil, as in Vanda. .

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