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Royale Orchids, Peats Ridge, NSW, Australia, orchids, hybrids, species! We carry the largest range in Australia. Orchids By Hausermann’s – we are the oldest and largest orchid grower in the midwest. If you are looking for mass produced, cheap, fluffy orchids from Taiwan, then you have come to the wrong place. We grow rare heirloom and unique clones. orchids,ground orchids,hardy orchids,informations and pricelist,cultivation,ophrys,barlia,bletilla,orchis,caladenia,calanthe,chloraea,cynorkis,cypripedium,dactylorhiza,disa,disperis,diuris,epipactis,eriochilus,eulophia,goodyera,herschelianthe,disa,Himantoglossum,Liparis,Luisia,Neottianthe,Ophrys, Orchis,Poenorchis,Pleione,Pterostylis,Satyrium Admire spectacular displays of orchids and exotic flowers in celebration of Thailand’s vibrant plant life. Sunset Valley Orchids Inc. If you would like to visit the nursery please contact me to make an appointment. We have recently updated these sections: 2018 Cattleyas! 24 Feb 2018 .

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Brazilian Orchids, Orchids from Brazil, Orchids of Brazil We are the leading importer of fresh cut Orchids from Asia. Our farms have the largest assortment, the tissue culture laboratory increases our range annually. More Call us today to send a beautiful orchid! Phone : 941-474-3255. Welcome to Blue Pagoda on line. We are a wedding/Event florist as well as your source for orchid sales, rentals, supplies and services. Most of the orchids on this web page are from the Stirling Range National Park and were photographed during a Floral Secrets Orchid Tour taken on a Saturday morning in October. .

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source: http://www.retiredaussies.com/ColinsHome%20Page/OrchidsTas/Caleana/Caleana%20major%20Large%20Duck%20Orchid/Caleana%20major%20Large%20Duck%20Orchid%20P2280035_small.JPG

source: http://www.retiredaussies.com/ColinsHome%20Page/OrchidsTas/Caleana/Caleana%20major%20Large%20Duck%20Orchid/IMG_6336.JPG

source: http://www.sunsetvalleyorchids.com/images/orchid_images/Sc.%20Beaufort%204n.jpg