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How to Get Orchids to Bloom. Orchids are exotic plants that create beautiful blooms. The Phalaenopsis orchid, also known as the moth orchid, is the most popular variety, but there are many different species of orchid. I am growing my Phalaenopsis in the house, but they never bloom. What can I do? They are quite the popular plant! Home ยป How to Care for Phalaenopsis Orchids After They Bloom. How to Care for Phalaenopsis Orchids After They Bloom December 14, 2015 Pelican Coast Farms, Inc. 4360 Orange River Loop Road Fort Myers, Fl. USA 239-693-8967 Email us Handcrafted Clay Orchids & Flower Preservation in Orange County After bloom care for orchids is little different than caring for them at other times. You should trim off the old flower stem, and some orchids will need a dry rest. .

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Quality orchids – Phals, Cats, Den, Onc, Vanda, and many others. Philippine species. Where do I cut the spike? Of all of the more commonly available orchids, only Phalaenopsis (the moth orchid) will re-bloom from its old spike. Phalaenopsis will generally re-bloom given a little extra care. Phals – The Very Popular Orchid! So much color and pattern variety. Buy some today. You will enjoy them. Phal. E Phal. F Phal. 1. Insufficient Light. Overall, the most common reason that orchids fail to bloom is insufficient light. The Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum orchids are usually happy with the filtered light in a windowsill but many other varieties need more light than that. .

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