Barndominiums: Country Home Trend Barndominiums are part of a recent housing trend that is touted for being customizable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient in comparison to traditionally built houses, without sacrificing any creature comforts. We offer potential buyers an opportunity to view three Barndominiums on most Fridays at 9:00 AM (by appointment only). The first Barndo is ~2,700 sq. ft. with Continuous roof, custom cabinets, concrete countertops, and many other custom features. Contact. 2017 Navasota Ridge Rd Navasota, TX 77830 979-985-2435 We build barndominiums and steel homes in Texas. See floor plans for barns with living quarters here. What are Texas Barndominiums? A Barndominium is a barn built with either wood framing (post frame) or steel framing that is finished inside, either all or in part, as a home. Worldwide Steel Buildings manufactures custom metal building kits right here in the USA and ships worldwide. We specialize in barndominiums, agricultural & commercial buildings, barns, arenas, and hangars just to name a few. Our kits are made to order, easy to assemble and certified by engineers. .

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Since 1999, Absolute Steel has been manufacturing and selling a wide range of steel frame buildings, including barndominiums. The building kit delivered to the job site, for DIY construction, is the core of our business, and is how 95% of our customers order their buildings. 2,904 sq. ft. living area 1,100 sq. ft. shop 2,768 sq. ft. wrap around porch 660 sq. ft. breezeway What is a Barndominium? Barndominiums are metal buildings with inside living quarters. Can I see a Barndominium? We have 3 Barndominiums available to see just south of San Antonio, TX. It’s the best of both worlds – Our Texas Barndominiums are part luxury living space and part functional shop and workspace; a great way to save money by combining two buildings together! .

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